Apple Online Casinos

Though Windows based PCs remains the dominant computer platform, a large number players use the Mac range of desktops from Apple based on the OS X operating system. There are some special issues related to online gambling on Mac devices which you should be aware of. This section outlines the development of online casino software, with reference to Mac highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of download software and no download instant play software.

Lack of Mac desktop download software

Online casino gaming software was developed in the 1990s. The first online casino was launched 1n 1995 by Microgaming. Because Windows was the dominant operating system then, Microgaming created its online gaming software to be compatible with that system. This software had to be downloaded and installed on the player’s computers and was therefore called download software. The download software from Microgaming, and other leading software providers at that time, was not compatible with Mac devices. This meant that if you accessed an online casino web site from a Mac computer and tried to download the software it would not work.

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There was awareness about bringing Mac users into the online casino gambling community. Some developers did create online casino download software for Mac computers on its OS X operating system. But for some reason these Mac download casinos did not become popular. Apart from online gambling, there were other applications developed for the Windows operating system. Hence utilities had been developed that would allow Mac users to work on applications developed for Windows operating system. Again, these did not proliferate. Therefore online casino gambling on download software was restricted by and large to Windows users.

Playing no download instant play software on Mac devices

The leading online casino software providers like Microgaming and Playtech did not work on developing download software for Mac devices. The reason is that they were developing online casino software using Flash that would be compatible with the operating systems of all desktops and laptops. This is referred to by names like no download software, Flash software and instant play software. Once this software was released Mac users began enjoying online casino gambling.

The journey was not very easy. In the initial stages the online casino no download software had some problems. The games did not run smoothly and the animations were jerky or the images froze. There were reports of the no download platform not being stable and even not as secure as the download platform as far as financial transactions were concerned. The hub of the no download software is on the server of the online casino and fast speed transmission is required from the server to the Mac devices. As the speed of Internet connections and of desktop processors improved these issues were taken care of.

The process of playing on no download software is the same for Mac users as it is for users of any other operating system. You access the no download casino from your Mac device and register your real money account. In most Mac download casinos all the games will be displayed on the web site and you simply click on the game you want to play. You will be prompted to log in and after doing that you can start wagering.

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In the initial years of online casino gambling Mac users were definitely handicapped, but it is no longer so. Today the trend has been reversed and the no download software is the preferred platform for online casino gaming. All the disadvantages have been eliminated and its advantages over the download platform have become dominant. Most newly launched online casinos function only on no download platforms that are equally compatible with Mac, Windows or any other devices. The distinction between Mac and Windows users has been laid to rest.