Bonus Without Deposit

The best thing about a casino bonus with no wagering requirements is that the money you win with it is entirely yours, and you can do whatever you want with it! Use them to play on with, or take them out and buy yourself something nice – the choice is yours! Unlike regular bonuses, you get to keep everything you win with a turnover-free bonus, and are not forced to meet a ridiculously high turnover requirement before they are converted into real money. 

All players love such bonus offers, and we have gathered some of the best in this overview. Pick and choose from offers that give you more to play for, and a greater chance of being left with a win in the end! Today you can get a bonus at many casinos with no wagering requirements, and to please you, we have gathered the best offers here!

With a bonus with no wagering requirements, the chances are much greater that you will get real money out of your bonus. Regular deposit bonuses often have a rigid and difficult wagering requirement that you must meet before you can withdraw the money you have won with it. A wagering requirement requires that you play your bonus, and it often ends up that you lose everything you have received in the bonus before you have met the requirement. There are several different types of turnover-free bonuses, the most common of which is that you get a sum of money and do not have to sell the winnings you take home.

There is also another form, which is very popular especially among Norwegian players, and which is about slot machines. We are thinking of free spins with no wagering requirements, where you are automatically allowed to keep everything you win with your awarded free spins. This is a very common registration gift from many casino online , and you will find plenty of such offers at our recommended casino.


To explain exactly what this offer consists of, one has to know what a wagering requirement is, and why it matters whether the bonus you get is with or without. The vast majority of welcome bonuses at online casinos have a wagering requirement. Let’s take an example and say that the turnover requirement is 50 times, to make it simple. You receive a bonus of NOK 1,000, and in contrast to a turnover-free bonus, this means that this must be traded 50 times. In practice, this means that you have to bet 50,000 kroner in the casino before your bonus of 1,000 kroner is converted and converted into real money that you can withdraw. Since the casino always has an advantage, they will win over time, and the chances are high that you have lost your bonus money before you can meet the wagering requirement.

That you have to bet 50,000 does not mean that you have to deposit this amount, but that the sum of your bets reaches this amount. If you play on a slot machine with 10 kroner per spin, there will be a total of 5,000 spins before the requirement is met. Also make sure that some casinos have a deadline on their wagering requirements, so you need to hurry to reach it on time!


As mentioned, there are different types of this bonus. Many casinos operate with a different method for this type of bonus offer . Instead of having to convert your bonus money into real money, many give you a certain amount of money. Everything you win with this money you get to keep, but you can never withdraw the bonus money. You are supposed to lose them back to the casino, while keeping everything you win. Many players appreciate this way of doing it, because it is easy to keep track and at the same time provides maximum excitement at all times. The biggest advantage of using a casino bonus without wagering requirements, is of course that you do not have to play for days to meet the requirement and get your money.

There is also another type of bonus that is also very common at online casinos, both as a welcome gift and as a promotional offer for loyal players or when launching new games. If you love slot machines , this is the offer you should look for in our top list. You can win big prizes thanks to free spins with no wagering requirements, which gives you the chance to spin risk-free on the casino’s best slot machines and keep everything you win! This bonus works in the same way as regular no deposit bonus money, where you can play as long as you have free spins, and then you are free to do whatever you want with everything you have won.