How to speed up withdrawals from casino?

Which online casino pays out the fastest? If you win a nice amount in an online casino, you naturally want to receive it as soon as possible. Preferably without any hassle.

It is advisable to pay out quickly. In any case, you can best receive money that you have credit from a casino. Another reason to cash out quickly is to avoid gambling again with money that you won. You won’t be the first to gamble away a freshly gained fortune quickly.

That is why we lists the five fastest paying online casinos for you. And we also explain what you can do yourself to ensure that you get paid quickly.

What can you do yourself to receive your casino winnings quickly?

The most important thing is of course that you choose a reliable casino. Reliable casinos generally pay out quickly. And if you choose one of the casinos from the list of fastest paying online casinos, you kill two birds with one stone. These casinos are reliable and pay out very quickly.

And unfortunately that is not the case with every casino. Unfortunately, there are many unreliable casinos and casinos on the internet that do not pay out quickly. For example, many casinos have a ‘pending period’ of a few days in which your money is not yet processed, but you can still play.

But there is more you can do yourself to contribute to the lightning-fast payout of your winnings!

Fill in the correct information

If you create an account, you must fill in the correct information. Important, because casinos are required to verify that their players are who they say they are. This is called Know Your Customer (KYC).

Are you entering incorrect information? Then that is guaranteed to have a negative impact on your payouts. At best, it will take a lot longer for you to receive your pennies, but in most cases players who fill in the wrong information simply won’t receive their prize money.

One of the advantages of Pay ‘n Play is that your bank sends all necessary information (but certainly no more than that) to the casino. The casino will create an account for you based on this information. So you automatically have an account with the correct information.

Use the correct payment method

The choice of payment method also affects the speed of your payouts. Casinos pay in the same way as you deposited.

Do you deposit via Neteller? Then you will be paid via Neteller. And do you deposit via internet banking? Then you will receive your profit paid into your bank account.

The fastest payment methods are Trustly (at Pay ‘n Play casinos), Neteller, Skrill and Paypal. Paypal is not yet available for Dutch online gamblers.

Via Neteller and Skrill you will receive the payment on the day the casino processes the payment. If that is the same day, you will also receive your payment the same day. The main drawback of Neteller and Skrill deposits is that you generally cannot claim the bonus. Most casinos exclude players who deposit via Neteller or Skrill from the bonus.

With Trustly you will not be bothered by that. Trustly is as fast as Neteller and Skrill, but you can also take advantage of the various casino bonuses .

Verify your account

The biggest delay in withdrawals is account verification. As a player you cannot avoid verifying your account. Online casinos are obliged to check who exactly the player is – from amounts of € 2,300.00.

As a player you cannot escape that. So why not verify your casino account right away ? If you have already verified your account, the payout of winnings can be processed immediately. And in the end it has to be done. Also at casinos that work with pay ‘n play.

That is why it is best to verify your account in advance. You do this by sending a copy of your passport or ID and a proof of address.

Stick to the rules!

It sounds simple, but many players don’t do it. Those who do not follow the rules risk that their prize money will no longer be paid out at all.

So read carefully the bonus conditions and the general conditions of the casino where you play in advance. By adhering to these rules you avoid additional checks and even the risk that your prize money will not be paid out.