New online casino 2018

New online casino 20178 will be opened at such a rate that one might think the industry is new and it’s very difficult for gems to keep track. Thank you, we are at! We’ll keep an eye on you to get a good overview and make an informed decision.

Here you will find all new casinos and reviews of popular online sites where you can play slots, vending machines and other classic casino games like blackjack or roulette. We always have the latest new casino reviews, the best news and ongoing updates. Among other things, we help you find many free spins without the need for any deposit or turnover. Too good to be true? No! The industry is evolving all the time and the trend is rules and conditions are starting to benefit the player more and more. It is therefore more fair to play casino online. It’s about bonus terms and you will find much information about this on this casino guide.

[table “9” not found /] collects all new casino sites in one place to make you as a reader and player as versatile as possible. This page is run by game enthusiasts from Sweden with multi-year experience in the subject of new casinos. We want to share the new “gold grain” in online casino in Sweden. The market is constantly moving and it can be difficult to keep up with the turns, so visit, we have the reviews, updates and news for you!

New casino reviews

We at will focus on new players regarding the Swedish market and Swedish online casinos. In our publications we review the game pages with regard to selected criteria. We play the casino itself and understand your needs as a player. There are always pros and cons, so we want to help you in your choice of casino online. What is most important to you? A mobile-friendly web page? Flexible deposit options? Big casino bonuses and lots of free spins? Are there real free spins you are looking for? If you read our casino reviews, you will get all these factors and more.

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Game selection

Sometimes it may be that you only use a game vendor to make administration easy and that the player knows what it is bidding on. Offering a well-known game provider may be more popular than having ten unknowns, knowing which games are available makes it easier to make a decision.

Digital, web-based slots are the most common type of games found at a new casino. There are online versions of a classic land-based casino game that has been around for many years. Another name for these are also “bandits” or “united bandits”. Usually, the games consist of five vertical rows and three horizontal ones that are covered with different symbols. The player will then spin combinations of symbols to win cash on the online casino. Slots can also be found in other forms with fun themes like movies, music and sports. Slot machines are also available in different formats and can also offer different special features. Blablablaba, therefore, it’s good to read a game review or test game a demo so you know what’s happening, how high the RTP rate is, if there are any special features that can benefit you and generally get more meat on your legs and better knowledge.

For anyone who likes classic casino games, there is often a department in the lobby where you can play Poker, Roulette, Black Jack and more. Take a visit to the Live Games where you can step into a room with a living croupier or dealer. If you play live casino you can get a whole new gaming experience. It’s more authentic experience when you share tables with other players and the donor even speaks to the players. It’s more social than sitting on a slot machine. Let the staff guide you to the gorgeous world of gambling.

Here at we naturally have a very big focus on looking for new casinos and reviewing them. The title of the site had been badly chosen if something else had been true! It’s not like we’re just presenting new casinos, but we’re doing a bit more hassle to discover new exciting game sites than to write about existing casinos that have been around for a while.

Many new casinos every year

Every year we can count on ten new casinos aimed at Swedish players. Some of these are 100% Swedish, while others have a fundamentally international audience but at the same time a major focus on the Scandinavian / Swedish casino market. Some of the new casinos launched may not really matter, but a larger number is of very high quality. Only the latter we pay attention to reviews and news here at New casinos are anxious to think a bit outside the box to be able to enter the market. It is no longer enough to offer only a larger number of slots and other casino games – players simply want more. Many new casinos therefore create a range of exciting funk