The best casino strategy: How to play a casino bonus free

How to win with a casino bonus? Did you know that you can improve your chances of winning considerably if you just play a little strategically on the slot machines?

It’s a joke that you can not play a bonus free on the slot machines, because if you play wisely, then you have a greater chance of winning both in the long – and the short course. In 2020, the government has introduced new rules for bonuses (sales promotions) and that is good news for the players. It has now become quite a lot easier to navigate around among the many rules that game providers typically paste their bonus offers into.

That said, let’s just state with seven-inch stitches that there are no slot machines that are programmed to pay out more than are deposited. They are all set in the world to make profits for the owner and not for the player. Therefore, it is important that you optimize your game so that your casino bonus can get its feet wet.

The individual player can turn the percentages to his own advantage when there are bonuses on the field. When online casino was a completely new phenomenon, the Danes were actually famous and infamous for taking advantage of casino bonuses to their own advantage. There have been many old casino managers around the world, and banded the Danes far away.

Today, it is somewhat more difficult to take advantage of a casino bonus, because the casinos are of course well acquainted with the mathematics behind it, but they (thankfully) still make mistakes from time to time. This is of course why we always keep a watchful eye on the Danish game providers and not least their bonuses and promotions.

How to win with a casino bonus

There are several things you can do yourself to improve your chances of winning at an online casino. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will win every single time you play, because you do NOT, but we guarantee that you will get better cards on hand if you follow our three best tricks to beat a casino bonus.

It’s about preparation, math and a little bit of luck in the syringe, of course.

  1. Know your bonus and choose your matches
  2. Choose the right slot machine
  3. Use volatility to your advantage

Let’s go in depth with the three points. It will be a bit long, but it will better equip you for the battle for the bonuses.

1: Know your bonus and choose your matches

Many players focus on the size of the bonus and completely forget to look at the terms of the bonus. That’s a HUGE mistake! Do not be fooled by how much extra bonus money you can get for your deposit. It does not matter if you get DKK 100, DKK 500, or DKK 1,000 or in casino bonus. At least not if we’re talking about your chances of ending up with a plus on the account.

If, on the other hand, the purpose is pure entertainment, then a 200% deposit bonus is really nice, because it gives lots of extra playing time, but if you are looking for a bonus that you can beat, then there are completely different parameters that are important to keep an eye on. with.

As a rule of thumb, in fact, it is always the bonuses that give the most bonus crowns to play for that give you the worst chances of winning – remember that!

If the game providers could get away with it, then they would probably like to give you a bonus of one million if you were willing to deposit 100,000 kroner. They can make the play-through requirement so unfavorable to the player that you do not have an earthly chance of winning. You are sure to lose your deposit no matter what you do and such a bonus you should stay far away from.

We therefore recommend that you read the bonus rules carefully before using the bonus code or accepting the offer. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like it aint for me either. You risk ending up with the cat in the bag if you take a bonus that is way too bad. Consider a casino bonus as an item and as with all possible items, there is competition, so familiarize yourself thoroughly with what the item contains, then you are also sure to get the best item – sorry bonus.