Tips for VIP players

High rollers are players with above-average stakes. If you are a high roller / VIP player, then you have come to the right place, because on this page we have listed the best online casinos for high roller / VIP players for you. At these online casinos you will be particularly spoiled – extra bonuses, gifts and great prizes are waiting for you!

A high roller, also known as a whale in the casino industry, is a player who places above-average stakes in a casino. High rollers often receive generous perks from casinos to entice them to play. In the land-based casinos of Las Vegas or Macau, these extras are often free private jet and limousine transfers for high rollers, as well as overnight stays in the casino’s best suites. Casinos also often offer high rollers extra credit and even discounts on wagering or losses. High rollers don’t have to abide by all rules and regulations, for example, the high roller rooms at the Crown Casino in Melbourne are the only licensed venue in Australia that allows smoking.

There is no precise definition of the word high roller. At the Crown Casino in Australia you have to bring at least $ 50,000 AUD to the table (approx. € 34,000) to be classified as a high roller. Casinos compete using the high roller betting limits on offer, in Australia the limits for high rollers are typically around $ 300,000 AUD, in Las Vegas between $ 200,000 and $ 350,000 AUD, and in Macau up to $ 500,000 AUD.

It’s different with online casinos. Most online casinos have a special VIP program for hobby players who play online more often. At the 888 Casino- one of the largest casinos on the Internet – you have to collect 150,000 Comp Points and have deposited at least € 2,500 in order to be classified as a VIP Player / High Roller. For every stake of $ 10, you get a Comp Point at 888 Casino …

At William Hill Casino and Europa Casino there is a particularly generous high roller bonus. If you deposit € 1000, you will receive € 500 for free from the casino and will automatically be included in the VIP program as a high roller. At Eurogrand Casino you get a high roller bonus of € 1000 if you deposit at least € 4000 with the first deposit and at Swiss Casino the high roller bonus is € 1000 for a deposit of over € 3000.

So it is easier to be seen as a high roller in an online casino than in a land-based casino. This is a nice advantage due to the democratic character of the internet. So much for the definition of a high roller in online casinos. But what’s the point besides an extra bonus?

At casinos on the internet, high rollers enjoy all or some of the following advantages:

• VIP Service – High rollers at a good online casino usually have their own VIP manager. These managers have fun pampering high rollers. Friendships often develop between high rollers and managers, especially at special VIP events, trips and events. Of course, a high roller can expect the best service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Higher table limits – high rollers can afford to bet high. Therefore, just like the land-based casinos, some online casinos have special tables with higher limits / betting limits. In the CasinoClub for example – the best casino on the internet for roulette players – there are high roller roulette tables where you can place bets of up to € 10,000! Most people believe that you can only bet high on the table games. Nowadays that is not entirely true, because there are some slot machines where you can place single bets of up to € 250 per spin! Of course, the potential winnings with such high bets are also enormous … If you want to place bets that are above average, simply contact the VIP customer service to agree on special table or game limits.

• Faster Payouts -Usually you have to wait 3 days to a week to receive the winnings from the online casino. At some casinos like 888 Casino, high rollers receive their winnings in just one day.

• Better conversion rates for collecting Comp Points (eg € 2 for every 100 Comp Points instead of the usual € 1 for every 100 points).

• High Roller Events – High Rollers can win special invitations to luxury travel, sporting events, and VIP-style music concerts. The 888 Casino is particularly famous for this, whose high rollers are spoiled unimaginably every month: trips to Vegas, football tickets to sponsored games in Seville, Oktoberfest celebrations, Led Zeppelin concert tickets and much more await the high rollers from the 888 Casino …

• Special birthday gifts – laptops, iPods and other gadgets could waiting for you on your birthday when you are high roller at one of the good online casinos.

• Extra Bonuses – As mentioned above, there are particularly high bonuses for high rollers. Even so, we would advise you to contact customer service first before making a deposit of € 1000 or more. Negotiate with the online casino!You will find that most online casinos will accommodate you and make you even better deals.